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Hi Andrew, The order arrived in the mail today. Thanks for your assistance. I am not sure what happened when I placed the order there was some sort...


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Monthly Specials For May

Covington Deluxe 2502TM Tumbler- Three Way Action
AUD $775.00  AUD $660.00
Save: AUD $115.00 off
8" x 2 wheel, POWERED, MAX-PRO, 8C Complete Ready to use.
AUD $1350.00  AUD $1175.00
Save: AUD $175.00 off

Auscut Diamond HS850 Band Saw for Commercial Lapidary / Glass
AUD $2450.00  AUD $1850.00
Save: AUD $600.00 off
Auscut Diamond HS880 Band Saw, Industrial Lapidary / Glass Work
AUD $3350.00  AUD $2490.00
Save: AUD $860.00 off