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Monthly Specials For October

10X Loupe, with UV + led lights, leather storage case.
AUD $47.50  AUD $40.00
Save: AUD $7.50 off
Lortone C40 Commercial Tumbler, 40 lb metal barrel, Big Capacity
AUD $1500.75  AUD $1150.00
Save: AUD $350.75 off
30" Premium 303S Continuous Rim Diamond Saw Blade, 0.125" x 1"
AUD $1300.00  AUD $1240.00
Save: AUD $60.00 off

Lortone C300-12, Heavy Duty, Triple Barrel Tumbler, 3 x 12lb
AUD $1241.99  AUD $955.00
Save: AUD $286.99 off
Leather Sheath with Belt Loop by Aussie Sapphire
AUD $18.53  AUD $14.50
Save: AUD $4.04 off