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Sheet 14: Mixed Size/Colour Tourmaline Gems, larger ovals

UPDATED: THIS SHEET NOW MEASURED & DESCRIBED, PHOTOS COMING SOON (click on the other images to see details of weight/dimensions).

This sheet contains a range of mixed cut tourmaline gemstones that we have not yet had time to catalogue and list.  This listing is intended to give you a "sneak preview" of what might be lurking in our safe. 

These tourmaline gems are packaged like this after cutting to avoid the chipping which can occur when bundled together in plastic bags - these are individually sealed into plastic cells so you may see some glare in this very quick photograph - colours will be more lively when not packed in the plastic wrapping.  These stones are cut to the highest standards as usual - most stones will be eye clean or better. 

See the ruler on the side for an indication of relative size.  The rows and columns are labelled so you can enquire about a particular gem.  Please quote the sheet, row and column labels for a full description of any individual stone.

These gems will be priced individually when catalogued but as a guide, prices will range from $30 to $70 per carat.  Stones of exceptional colour/clarity may cost more and stones with inclusions or less desirable colours may cost less.

If you are a trade buyer, interested in bulk parcels, we may be able to offer you an attractive discounted price on the entire sheet(s).