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Hi Andrew and Leah...the Darkside Polishing lap you recommended is giving me great results on my sapphires...thanks ...P.V.


Imported Sapphire

Our mine on the Reddestone Creek produces mainly blue sapphire with smaller amounts of parti colour and yellow sapphire.  However, we are often asked about other colours of sapphire that are not available from Australian mines.  This category offers a range of these types - this sapphire will be sourced from places such as Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Vietnam, etc. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Information on origin and treatments will be offered where it has been provided by the supplier.  We rely on suppliers to provide these details but as we have not mined/cut these sapphires ourselves, we cannot guarantee the stones as we do with sapphires from our own mine.

These stones have not been cut by our cutters and in some cases, stones might be classed as "native cut".
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