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#600 NuBond Red 8" Lap, Resin Bond Diamond Laps for Faceting

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NuBond by Raytech - the Greatest Advance in Facet Laps since Electro-Bonding.

NuBond is the outstanding pre-polish facet lap.  Lasts longer with more diamond and consistent cutting over their life.

One 8" NuBond Lap - #600 grit red - use in place of a #1200 Standard Diamond Lap.

A NuBond lap requires little, if any, break-in to produce smooth finishes. Compared to an electrobond (electroplated) lap, it will scratch less and will cut more consistently over a longer service life. 

Multilayer NuBond laps have a higher concentration of friable, self-sharpening diamond bonded directly to a solid aluminum backer. NuBond laps are precise and true running, lightweight and corrosion resistant. 

Important: To replace an electrobond lap, select a NuBond that is one grit coarser than the electrobond. Even though coarser, NuBond will scratch and chip less and, most important, it will still be cutting steadily after the electrobond slows to a crawl.  Please refer to the instructions for proper use.