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Inland Lapidary Swaptop All In Wonder - Flat Lap + Saw + Grinder

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The Inland Lapidary SwapTop™ All in Wonder is a versatile piece of machinery at a very affordable price to get you started in the lapidary hobby. Everything you need to cut, grind and polish stone or glass in the one machine.

This complete package includes the Swaptop base, Trim Saw worktop, Flat Lap worksurface, Shaper/Grinder worksurface and a basic kit of accessories to start working straight away.


The package includes:

  • Swaptop base with 240 Volt variable speed motor and Australian plug.
  • Trim Saw worktop with 6.5" diameter saw blade (0.020" thick) - soft saw table surface to protect your piece from scratching.
  • Shaper/Grinder worksurface with 1" standard #100 diamond drum (grinder bit)
  • Flat Lap worksurface (new design) - can take 6" or 8" laps
  • 6" Lap Kit with 3 electroplated diamond laps (#180, #600 and #1600), set of 3 felt pads, 1 rubber pad and 2 plastic backing plates.
  • 100 gram sample jar of cerium oxide polish



SwapTop Key Features

  • Quick and Easy:  No hassle assembly takes only minutes. The cleverly designed motor unit allows it to operate with the shaft vertical or horizontal to run two machines. Variable speed control on the motor.
  • Multiple Use: Turns a single machine into several machines at a fraction of the cost without tying up your work space.
  • Convertible swaptop design: Quickly converts from a saw to a cabbing/grinding unit to a shaper/grinder.
  • Compact footprint - 9" x 10.75" base takes up little room (23 x 27cm).
  • Saw features 6 1/2" blades to provide a full 1 1/8" depth of cut (28.5mm), more than enough for trimming up pre-slabbed material!
  • Flat saw table design allows you to saw pieces that extend beyond the table size (eg. glass panes, tubes).

IMPORTANT NOTE:   When considering purchasing this machine, please think carefully about your intended usage level.

For those working at the hobbyist /casual level, we believe these are a good option.

If you are doing more demanding work or expecting long hours of continuous use, we would recommend a more robust unit as a better option.

Care must be taken to avoid excessive water use while cabbing to avoid damge to the motor (motor failure due to water damage is NOT covered by warranty).


NOTE ON FREIGHT:  Please select from eParcel (insured/traceable) or Courier at the checkout.  If you select courier, you MUST provide an address where someone can sign for the parcel or a redelivery fee may be charged.