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Auscut G.Max Glass Crafter - 6" Lap + Grinder

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Multi Purpose Glass and Lapidary Grinder/Lap.
This innovative grinder combines a flat disk to grind straight edges with a router style bit for curves and regular spot grinding . You can easily use both grinding surfaces because they run at the same time (no switching out bits for disks).

Packed with great accessories, the Auscut G.Max Grinder features a powerful motor that grinds fast (1/8 hp motor) and a big work surface (230mm x 140mm)
 Comes with a Free 6" diamond disk #260 and three Quality Diamond Grinder Bits for every size of grinding (1", 3/4" and 1/4"), Super Sponge water cooling system, 30°/45° angle block (for perfect fitting beveled edges).

 Full 12 months Aussie Sapphire Warranty.
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