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Covington Koolerant #1, Water Additive, 940 mL Bottle (1 quart)

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Blade Koolerant No. 1 (Yellow Label).
General purpose for sawing any size rock up to about 6 hardness and any size rock that responds to a low to medium heat factor at blade contact.  
A good general purpose coolant concentrate additive suitable for trim saws using water.
Cleaner to use. Non-flammable. 
Add 9 parts of water to each part of Covington Concentrated Diamond Blade Koolerant No. 1.  Mix well before pouring into the diamond saw unit. 

NOTE:  photo shows larger quantities - this item is genuine Covington Koolerant No.1 in the smaller 1 quart size.  One quart bottle (940mL) bottle will treat about 8.5 Litres of water.