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#B303 Gold Hunting Adventures and Tips - Jack Lange

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Jack Lange's Gold Hunting Adventures

Come with Jack and Margaret on their fabulous gold discoveries in trackless, uninhabited regions of Australia where old-time prospectors struggled for survival or perished in their pursuit of gold. 

Their adventures reveal their hard earned tips - secrets that the tight-lipped pros certainly won't tell you. You will begin to wonder if you too can find gold nuggets and realise that there are plenty left to be found. Join them in their pursuit of gold in areas that range from uninhabited deserts of Australia to a Papua New Guinea war zone. 

Let Jack and his crew introduce you to some of Australia's most isolated and colourful characters - both human and the other kind. At times they are charmed by them, sometimes terrified by them. You may discover a side to Australia you never dreamed existed. 

Format:Paperback, 256 pages
Author:Jack Lange
Publisher:Goldhunter Books, August 2009
Other Information:Colour photos
Country of Publication:Australia