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Once again you have out done yourselves with the best service. I look forward to many more transactions throughout this year.


Lapidary Polish, Diamond Sprays, Compounds and Powders

For Polishes, Diamond Sprays, Compounds and Powders, see our full range in the Lapidary Polish category.

We stock a range suitable for working with any gem:

  • Cerium Oxide (in 250g packs or bulk)
  • Aluminium Oxide (Alumina A or #14,000)
  • Tin Oxide (250g packs)
  • BattStiks - Cerium, Aluminium, Zirconium or Chrome Oxide in convenient stick applicator
  • Diamond Powder (#3k, #8k, #14k, #60k or #100k;  10 carats or bulk)
  • Diamond Spray (#3k, #14k, #60k and #100k)