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Nullamanna Fossicking Reserve, north of Inverell

This site is located at Nullamanna on Frazers Creek and is free for anyone to fossick there. 


20km from Inverell - turn on to McInerneys Lane from the Ashford Road. The fossicking area is just past Nullamanna.  Turn off at the rubbish tip.
Possible Finds:Sapphire, zircon
Notes:Although you have to go past the rubbish tip, the actual fossicking area is quite nice.
Charge:Free of charge
Contact:n/a  (information at Inverell Tourist Centre)
Facilities:Rubbish bins, shelter shed, picnic table. No toilets.

Do not enter private property without permission.  If you did not arrive here via the site map, please click here to view the location of this site (number 3) on the Inverell - northern area map.

Update:  Although this site has been worked over quite well, fossickers are still finding gems.  Met one couple in May 2007 who showed me their finds - photo cannister three quarters full of small gems (blue sapphire, red and honey zircon) - the best stone being a 6.2 carat well-formed dog tooth sapphire crystal.