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Just wanted to thank you so much for your advice and assistance. Also thanks for arranging the Freight for these large Machines to New Zealand so...


Why has my credit card payment failed?

Two possible problems:
  • Why is my credit card number/details not being accepted? 
  • I have entered my card details in and then the page goes blank.
The main reason for this is usually that you are trying to use a card that we do not accept such as American Express, Diners Club, etc. We can only accept Visa or Mastercard.
Please use PayPal if you need to use an alternative credit card. 

Other possibilities include an error in the credit card details when entered (usually the expiry date or CCV number) or you may have a transaction limit on your card. 

In rare cases, your bank may reject your payment if it is a large overseas transaction which does not fit your usual spending pattern – this is sometimes done to protect you against fraudulent use of your credit card. If you have checked your credit card details and the payment is still not able to be approved, please contact us and/or your credit card issuer so we can resolve the situation. 

We have a range of alternative payment options and can process your order manually if you continue to experience problems.  

NOTE: if you have experienced a blank page and NOT received an order confirmation email, then it is unlikely your credit card transaction was processed. However, it only takes a moment for us to check for you so please do not hesitate to contact us.