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I am considering purchasing one of your gems.

What if I am not happy with my gemstone purchase ?
The cornerstone of any business are repeat customers and our aim is that every customer should be 100% satisfied with their purchase. We also understand that it is difficult to buy gemstones without seeing them in person. For this reason, we offer a full refund of your purchase price if you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason. From the time you receive your shipment, you have 10 days in which to carefully inspect your gems. If you feel that you would like to return them, just contact us within this time and we can arrange your refund.

Please note that we offer refunds on return of goods in original condition only. In the case of rough gems, we cannot offer refunds on gems that have been cut, sawn, preformed or altered in any way so please inspect your rough carefully before starting work on them. Refunds on parcels of gems will only be given on return of the complete parcel in original condition – no partial refunds can be given where parcels have been cherrypicked. See here for more information on our return policy.

Gemstone photography ?
Our photographs are highly magnified to help you assess each item. Please take careful notice of the dimensions in millimetres. Photographs are taken using a standard lighting system using daylight flourescent lamps and a Fuji Finepix S9500 digital camera (with supermacro lens).

Digital manipulation of images is restricted to minor setting adjustments to match the image to the real life appearance of the gem in front of us.  Wherever possible, we try and give multiple photographs of the item so you can see different angles of the gem.  However, gem photography is a difficult and time-consuming process so for the cheaper gems, we just cannot spend the time taking additional photographs.  In these cases, it is really easier for everyone if you simply purchase the item and return it if not suitable for your needs.

Gemstone certificates - what do they mean? 
For gems that have been produced from our own mine, we can provide a Certificate of Origin on request.  This is not a laboratory certificate but is issued by Aussie Sapphire as the miner of the gem.  This certificate is our written guarantee of where the gem has been mined and what treatments (if any) have been carried out.  

The certificate is generic for calibrated cut gems (indicated by a representative photo on the listing) or individually numbered with a photograph of the actual item for custom cut gems or rough. See here for images of sample certificates.  We cannot provide gem identification/treatment reports or valuations - these need to be issued by persons who are qualified and/or registered with the appropriate organisations.

We do not issue certificates for our imported gems as we cannot guarantee origin or treatment status.  Where we have information on this, it is provided in the description but is not guaranteed by a certificate.  For customers who may want a laboratory certificate or a valuation, please contact us to discuss arrangements.

Are any of your gems synthetic or created? 
No, we do not deal in finished gems that synthetic or lab created.  We prefer gems created by Nature and mined from the earth.

However, we do stock a range of synthetic facet rough for our customers who do their own gem cutting - this material is useful as practice material or for faceting competitions.  This rough will always be described accurately as synthetic facet rough and we ask that customers who buy this material make sure that the finished product is also described accurately in the interests of full disclosure.

What about gemstone enhancement treatments? 
Many natural coloured gemstones are treated or enhanced to intensify the colour, diminish imperfections or improve durability. We guarantee treatment status of all gems from our mine. Imported gems are bought from reputable sources and treatments will be disclosed where they are known to have occurred. 

Most corundum gems have been heated to enhance colour. This basic form of heat treatment is permanent and fully accepted in the trade. We do not use any form of chemical treatment and will disclose any treatment where it is known. We do not buy gems that are known to have been irradiated, chemically diffused or dyed. See our Gem Treatment page for more information on gemstone enhancements.