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Thank you kindly for great customer service and a quality product! Never again will I venture outside Australia to buy cheap inferior quality...


Do you have a print catalogue?

Sorry - we do not have a current print catalogue at this time.

Alternatively, we recommend you use the Printable Price List which lists our products in a more print-friendly format or you can save as a pdf file. Always up to date and you can choose to print just the categories you are interested in.

The e-catalogue allows you to load a separate page listing all the products/prices in a printable format. It has the advantage of having up to date pricing as it loads directly from our website database.

Use the drop down box to select a category to go straight to a specific product category.  

There is a choice of viewing products with or without a photo and short description - select this option in the top blue menu bar.

Click here for the Aussie Sapphire e-catalogue (abbreviated product price list)