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These two items are working out wonderfully for my small opals. The full kit of polishing pads is great for soft stones. Having fun! Thanks Sue T.


Specialised Products for Polishing Metal by Tumbling or Buffing

Aussie Sapphire carries a range of products designed for mass finishing and polishing of a variety of metals.  Whether you are buffing or tumbling, we'll have something to suit you:

  • Dialux Rouge - White, Red, Green and Blue
  • Tripoli, ZAM and other compounds
  • Buffing Mops in 6"
  • Tapered Spindles - left or right hand
  • Vibra Media Booster to use in a tumbler 
  • Iron Oxide (red) for polishing brass or other yellow metals
  • Plastic, Ceramic or Porcelain media (mixed shape)
  • Stainless Steel burnishing media 
  • etc.
Please view our Metal Polishing category to browse our range.  Contact us any time if you need advice or to ask about products not listed.