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Leah and Andrew just wanted to tell you the settings arrived, it is a thrill to see the stones I cut transformed into beautiful pieces of jewelry....


Specialised Products for Polishing Metal by Tumbling or Buffing

Aussie Sapphire carries a range of products designed for mass finishing and polishing of a variety of metals.  Whether you are buffing or tumbling, we'll have something to suit you:

  • Dialux Rouge - White, Red, Green and Blue
  • Tripoli, ZAM and other compounds
  • Buffing Mops in 6"
  • Tapered Spindles - left or right hand
  • Vibra Media Booster to use in a tumbler 
  • Iron Oxide (red) for polishing brass or other yellow metals
  • Plastic, Ceramic or Porcelain media (mixed shape)
  • Stainless Steel burnishing media 
  • etc.
Please view our Metal Polishing category to browse our range.  Contact us any time if you need advice or to ask about products not listed.