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I am very happy with my little tumbler it is great,it has done plenty of work.



Our wide range of tumblers are suitable for polishing rocks, many types of gems, glass, jewellery and other types of metal items.  Also listed are various consumables: abrasive grit, polish and tumbling media and compounds.

If you are not sure which type of tumbler is right for you, please see our tutorial article:
 "How to choose a tumbler: Rotary vs Vibratory".  

Click the links below to see frequently asked questions and information about sizes, barrel dimensions and weight/volumetric capacity of the various tumbler models.

Size, Barrel Dimensions and weight/volumetric Capacity of different model tumblers Frequently Asked Questions about tumbling

Monthly Specials For February

Lortone C20-2 Double Barrel Commercial Tumbler, 40 lb capacity
AUD $1430.00  AUD $1200.00
Save: AUD $230.00 off
Lortone C300-12, Heavy Duty, Triple Barrel Tumbler, 3 x 12lb
AUD $1241.99  AUD $955.00
Save: AUD $286.99 off
Lortone C20 Commercial Tumbler, 20 lb metal barrel, Compact
AUD $1293.75  AUD $955.00
Save: AUD $338.75 off

Lortone C40 Commercial Tumbler, 40 lb metal barrel, Big Capacity
AUD $1500.75  AUD $1150.00
Save: AUD $350.75 off