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I originally came to this site for the gems snap-lock settings back in March and found so much more, everything I needed in one place most off all if...


Starter Kits

Starter Grit Kits contain the basic range of tumbling grits to get you up and running with your new tumbler.  We have split our range of starter kits into 2 main types to suit either the barrel/rotary or the vibratory tumblers.  You have the option of choosing either Cerium Oxide or Aluminium Oxide as the polishing agent.  Please see each listing for more information on this.

IMPORTANT NOTE:   these starter kits are designed to suit small tumblers and intended to contain enough grit to get started in the tumbling hobby.  They are packaged in quantities and at a price that is appropriate for someone buying a new tumbler.  When buying grit in bulk or if you have a larger tumbler, it is cheaper to buy in the 1kg lots which are listed in our other categories.

Once you have done a few batches, you will have a better idea which grits get used more quickly, which polish works well for your material, and how much grit/polish is used in a batch.   Then you can buy exactly what you need. 

Please download this pdf document which gives dimensions, weight, volumetric capacity and recommended load limits:

Information on Tumbling Barrel/Bowl Size and Media Density