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My first order was this 3" backing plate. It's great quality and arrived pretty fast. It looks much better than the ones I've been using - so I'll be...


Creamway 6" Polish Lap, Integral Zirconium Oxide, Just Add Water

AUD $105.00

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Quartz cutters in a no-fuss "just add water" lap.


The 6" Creamway Lap is a Zirconium Oxide/ceramic polymer "Just Add Water" lap. The polymer has further been modified to allow exceptionally high oxide loading.  This lap is designed for cutting QUARTZ - not recommended for harder stones. Excellent results have been reported for opal (including Welo). 
As with any oxide-loaded laps, speed can be increased by adding more oxide, but generally, using the damp lap on a 3k, 5k or 8k pre-polished facet does not need this addition - Just Add Water!
You may choose to "boost" the lap by using a Zirconia BATTstik if you are in a hurry or are polishing very large quartz but generally, all you need to add is water and the lap will be ready to go.

Information below from Gearloose:

The success of the Chrome Oxide GREENWAY™ Lap has been established in polishing quartzes, excelling with the beryls, and has done well with garnets, tourmaline, the feldspars and peridot. Similar to the Greenway™, the Creamway™ is a Zirconium Oxide/ceramic polymer "Just Add Water" lap. The polymer has further been modified to allow exceptionally high oxide loading. 

Why another lap? Because quartz is one of the most popular minerals encountered by faceters.
Monoclinic Zirconium Oxide is significantly more aggressive and faster than Cerium Oxide on polishing quartzes. 
A companion product, the Zirconia BATTSTIK™ is now available for for use on the Darkside and other polymer laps, or can be used as a "Boost" on the Creamway™. 
As always, there are surprises. Users have now reported good results on opal, peridot and the beryls.
Testimonial from Vlad:  I spent last weekend cutting several stones to test the new Creamway. There was no need to "break into" for this lap, tried it on amethyst with amazing results - smooth finish with no efforts at all, lap has very strong "grip" require no pressure at all, on aquamarine it "sticks" to the large facets causing lap to stop! It also did great job on peridot - may be the best polish I ever had on this material. First impression - it is much more aggressive than Lighting CeO lap, and much easier to use than Greenway. It did not scratch even when almost dry, something I never experienced with my other polishing laps. I will post pictures of my stones when they will be finished, but I can tell that Creamway now is my favorite lap for polishing.
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