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Dear Leah and Andrew The sapphire arrived today. We're very happy with the colour which is very much like the lost stone, and the size is...


10X Loupe, with UV + led lights, leather storage case.

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New improved model now in stock with White + UV led lighting. 

This brand new product is a quality 10X jewellers loupe featuring UV (long wave) and white led lighting for illumination.  Natural white light helps to view inclusions while UV lighting allows you to check fluorescence.

Triplet lens 21mm diameter with non-reflective black surround for accurate gem grading.  The loupe is housed in a satin finish metal housing with a lanyard loop (lanyard is now included).  The loupe is stored in a leather storage case for protection when not in use.

Achromatic & aplanatic optical glass triplet lens for accurate viewing - corrects spherical and chromatic aberrations to eliminate color degradation and focus all parts of the field of view.  

Lights are activated by separate miniature on/off switch located next to the lights - can only use one light source at a time, so the loupe functions as either a LED loupe OR as a UV loupe. The loupe comes with battery installed and features 6 led bulbs around the edge of the lens for even lighting.  The led bulbs are covered with a diffuser to reduce glare.

I must admit we were a bit skeptical about these thinking they might have been a bit gimmicky but on using them, we are impressed.  The light does seem to allow you to see into a gem more easily and when the light is switched off, the loupe is still a quality hand lens which feels comfortable and will suit any job.  The option of adding extra light to the subject just gives you more flexibility.  RECOMMENDED!

Note some other led loupes just have 2 leds at one edge of the lens - we find this provides uneven lighting which is not as good as the fully surrounded illumination of this loupe.  Combined with good optics, we think this one is definitely worth considering next time you need a good 10x loupe.

Note: this is a 21mm diameter loupe but housing for led bulbs slightly cuts into the area - still a very comfortable viewing area.

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