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Jewellery Polishing Kit for tumbler: Stainless Steel Shot & Burn

AUD $53.00

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This is a Starter Kit for Tumble Polishing Gold/Silver Jewellery in a 3A Lortone Rotary Tumbler - includes stainless steel shot, burnishing compound and plastic pellets.

f you have just purchased a 3A Lortone Tumbler to use for polishing jewellery, we recommend this kit to complete the package.

  • 1000 grams (1kg) stainless steel shot (mixed shape balls, angle cut cylinders, pins, satellites)
  • 250 grams MP103 burnishing compound
  • 250 grams plastic pellets

Depending on how much material you intend to add to the load, you may find that you may need slightly more than 750 grams of shot (up to 900g) OR you can opt to add a few plastic pellets to make up to the optimal load level.  Note that photograph shows 500g of shot but this item contains a full kilogram of the new improved mix.

MP103 is a pure form of soap powder that is specially designed for burnishing metal - you may try other forms of soap but we find that people get good results with this formulation.  Add around 1 tablespoon per litre of water - adjust as required according to water hardness, etc.

Use of plastic pellets is optional.  Many people get good results without them but they are cheap and give you a cheap filler material for those occasions where you need a bit of extra volume or cushioning.

NOTE:  we do not recommend this kit for the Tumblevibe tumbler - it is designed for the 3A Lortone tumbler.  

More information about tumble polishing jewellery can be found here - we particularly recommend the Urban Maille article for further reading.  Please see this article for the Lortone Jewellery Polishing instructions.

NOTE ON POSTAGE:  this item weighs almost 2 kg.  If you are purchasing it with a 3A tumbler, it will be a combined weight of almost 4 kg and postage costs will vary according to your location.

NOTE:  this kit was previously supplied with P13 burnishing compound but we have replaced this with MP103 which does the same job.

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