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Ring Cutter A + Blade. Remove Rings from swollen fingers safely

AUD $45.00

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Stuck Rings can be dangerous - a common problem where the finger swells and you just cant get the ring off.

This special rotary saw allows rings to be cut off the finger safely without extra damage and panic.  The ring cutter includes one spare blade although the blades will last quite well under normal usage (ie. for gold and silver rings) - stainless steel or titanium rings will take longer to cut and tungsten rings require a different technique.

French Style Ring Cutter with extra grip handle and smaller blades (fitted with one blade and includes one spare) - 130mm length.

This tool makes the job safe and fast.  It also leaves a clean cut which can be easily rejoined and resized by any repair jeweller.

NOTE:  While rings from slightly swollen fingers can be removed by cooling the finger and lubricating the area (elevate the hand to help reduce swelling), if fingers become discoloured or lose feeling, rings need to be removed as a matter of urgency.  You may need to use a little baby oil or the like to help slip the guard between the ring and the finger. 
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