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#60 Diamond Hand Pad, Edge/Hone Quartz, Glass, Metals ETC

AUD $19.50

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 One x #60 Grit Electroplated Hand Pad. 

Our Auscut Diamond hand pads are made of the Best quality diamonds and adhesives to ensure consistent wear. These pads can be used to break edges, hone and/or polish materials such as quartz, glass, ceramics, composites,Metals and carbides. Our hand pads feature unique diamond patterns so that they remain sharper longer. Each hand pads is color coded for easy identification.Hand pads can be used wet or dry to suit your needs.

Hand Diamond Pads are great for areas where machines cannot reach our are not practical,these will not work as fast as a machine but offers the flexibility of reaching hard to work places.
 Diamond hand-pads work great on marble, granite, agglomerated stone, ceramics, glass and composites, Metals etc. 
As with all grinding/Sanding operations start with a Course Grit and work finer until the level of finish is obtained. Grits range from #60 through to #7,000 in 8 different Grits,our Pads are colour coded for easy reference. 
General Usage Guide:
  • Hand Pads will not work as quickly as with a wet belt sander or flat lap. Working with hand pads is usually time consuming, but it also affords a feel and an intimacy with the glass,Stone our Metal that's not usually possible with more elaborate tools.
  • As with most grinding and polishing operations, a typical job calls for using a succession of grits, from coarse to fine.
  • Diamond hand pads are color coded.
  • Rough grinding and polishing work often starts with a 60 grit, then proceeds to 120, 200, and 400,these are the Electroplated Grits,then onto 800,1800,3500,7000.
  • Usually 800 grit is about as fine as people use with hand pads on glass; this won't leave a highly polished surface, but it will leave a nice satin sheen.
  • Regardless of the grit you're using, be very cautious if you're working close to areas that you don't want to work with the hand pads.
  • The pads will quickly scratch shiny surfaces .
  • Perfect for abrading glass, fiberglass and composites and finishing Metals.
  • Invaluable for seaming and edging.
  • 95mm x 60mm x 30mm thick,Firm comfortable Foam Grip.
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