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BATTSTIK - Zirconium Oxide polish charging stick, quartz polish

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BATTSTIK™ Zirconium Oxide Polish Charging Stick.

This new product from Gearloose is a quick, easy and non-messy way of charging your laps with zirconia polish (see the BattStik set if you need Cerium and Aluminium Oxide).
Zirconium Oxide is a highly specific polish for Quartz but excellent results have also been reported for peridot, beryl and opal (including Welo).
Now available direct from Aussie Sapphire - the Australian dealer for Gearloose laps and products.  Give these a try - you'll be impressed by how these work for you.
NOTE:  The Zirconium Battstik is now the new version with a hard plastic covering and removable lid - this change has been introduced to reduce the risk of contamination and mess on your workspace.  To expose polish as required, remove the hard plastic outer layer with a crayon sharpener (ie. the ones with the larger size hole).  All varieties will be moved over to this new format as we receive new stock.
Touch the BATTSTIK™ to the lap, move outward to flow melt the water soluble base, forming a thin uniform film on the lap. Turn on a SLOW water drip or light mist, creating a slurry film right on the lap. Reduces waste and mess! 
Information below from Gearloose (the manufacturer):


The BATTSTIK™ was developed to reduce the mess and waste we all experienced with oxide slurries. This became even more important when the Darkside™ laps came into common acceptance, because everyone learned they require VERY LITTLE oxide polish! 

If too much oxide polish is used, it can pile up and cause scratching. One benefit of the BATTSTIKs is they train people not to use too much oxides.
Monoclinic Zirconium Oxide is significantly more aggressive and faster than Cerium Oxide on polishing quartzes. The Zirconia BATTSTIK™ has been released for use on the Darkside and other polymer laps, or can be used as a "Boost" on the Creamway™. 
As always, there are surprises. Users have now reported good results on peridot and the beryls.
NOTE:  image sourced from Gearloose website.  This item is for ONE Zirconia Battstik only.
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