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Just wanted to let you know that the sapphires arrived safe and sound, and I'm very happy with them! The round is a truly magnificent stone! Thank...



Mortar and Pestle - Large, Cast Iron, 1 pint capacity, Dolly Pot

Torben B.
I received my 1 pint dolly pot within the week that i ordered, with frequent and detailed in-transit updates (very happy with that alone)

As for the product itself, upon opening of parcel i found the Dolly Pot to be of long-lasting quality, with a nice thick base it made easy work of cold, rock quartz, without even much force,

i used the dolly hammer simply by lifting it to the top rim of the pot and gravity dropping onto the quartz, which crushed extreamely well.

I got this Dolly Pot for hard-rock gold prospecting,
i couldnt be happier with the service from Aus Sapphire and for the product itself,

Highly Reccomended Dolly Pot, i may get another one for a mate as a gift!

love it, love it, love it!

Best regards in fossiking,

Torben. ...

Lortone QT6 Tumbler, Single 6lb Barrel + 1.5 kg SS Pins / MP103

Andrew S.
I researched for quite some time looking for a suitable sized unit for wet tumbling .223 brass at a reasonable price. LGS prices for good kit were over the top!
After seeing the Aussie Sapphire site , and reading their advice pages, I elected to go with the QT6..........its been great!!!. I load with batches up to 100 cases but more regularly 50-60 cases at a time . Well under max spec. and the unit performs really well . The burnishing compound also performs well but I also add 1-2 drops (that's all) of detergent.......highly recommend the QT6 for the small -medium re-loader who reloads in 1 - 3 calibres in medium sized batches . I also cannot fault the Aussie Sapphire team for service, responsiveness and speedy delivery. Thanks Team!!...

Thumler Model B Rotary Tumbler, 15 pound barrel, Heavy Duty

Denice Assman
Thank you for fabulous service and exceptional assistance in the purchase of this product. Fellow purchasers, please ensure you unpack product carefully to locate all the bits and not like I did with great excitement and couldnt find them. It runs smoothly and quietly, cant wait for the end results.....

"SNAKE OIL" Lap Lube and Cleaner By Gearloose, 100mL bottle

Ian McLean
A truly outstanding product for faceting. No bad solvent smell; ultra-low viscosity so it flows and spreads easily; works perfectly in action as a lubricant for faceting; very easy clean up. 100% recommended for effectiveness and value. I drilled a small ~1 mm hole down the 'nose' of the plastic bottle (rather than just cutting it off) to get the smallest possible drops with the maximum possible control for dispensing onto the lap. One bottle will help cut a LOT of stones. Ian McLean, Tasmania...

Aussie Lapidary Forum - free fossicking information here !

Leah Lane
ALF is growing fast - over 770 members at end of May 2011 - and very active discussions every day. Lots of features and very friendly so join up now. If you are into rocks and gems, ALF is the place to be!...