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Arrived safely today and looks great (especially as you put it in a ring box!). The sapphire is just the colour I was hoping, and is very nicely cut!...



Simply the best

Monday 12 January, 2009

I have had so much enjoyment from mucking through your bags of gravel that I find that mucking through the usual gravel is too much work. Walking through tick, leech and snake infested scrub to find a stone has got flies on it! I even did a five day trip to buy up on your bags.
The Wife insisted on it. The Wife is even washing the gravel, without rubber gloves. She reckons the clay is as good as mud pack.
We are getting our cut stones set and I have included my sister on her next bithday!
So thankyou for the good time, I hope it will will continue.
Viable stones per bag has been at an average of two. Non Producing bags has been zero.

Many thanks

Testimonial By: Peter Booth