Assembling your new Tumble-Vibe 10 Tumbler (TV10)

The Raytech Tumble-Vibe 10 vibe tumbler requires some very simple assembly before - it will only take a moment but we have put together a pictorial guide below to make it super easy for you.

Unpack the box  - it should contain the tumbler base, a bowl and lid, a drainage hose, a plastic bag of nuts and the centre bolt plus the instructions.

STEP 1:  screw the threaded rod into the centre hole and secure with a washer and nut.

STEP 2:  Use the rubber-backed washer and nut to secure the bowl to the tumbler base.  Do not over tighten.  

STEP 3:   Use the larger silver washer and wingnut to secure the bowl lid.  Do not over tighten.

STEP 4:  Attach the hose to the drainage fitting.
Use the clamp to block off the hose as required - release it when the tumbler is not operating. 
We recommend securing the hose with a zip tie (supplied in the bag)

Just to confirm, the correct sequence of parts supplied in the bag is shown below:

You are now ready to start tumbling.