The Auscut Smooth Rotary Tumbler

Information about the Auscut Smooth 3 Rotary Tumbler.
And coming soon - the new Smooth 7 Rotary Tumbler.

The Auscut Smooth 3 was designed as an improvement over the Lortone 33B which has been very difficult to source in recent years.

The Mark 1 version of this tumbler has nylon shaft bearings.  These need to be oiled every month of operation with a suitable light mineral oil.
See this video for information on belt tension and correct lubrication.

The Mark 2 and 3 version of this tumbler has sealed roller bearings.  While these do not need lubrication as such, we do recommend occasionally applying a drop of light mineral oil to the shafts at the bearings to assist if the machine needs disassembly at some point in the future.   A drop of oil every 4 to 6 months allows for easy disassembly.

Click here to see the Unboxing/Setup video