Making Weighted or Calming Blankets

Weighted or calming blankets have become very popular in recent years with a whole lot of claimed health benefits.  They can be expensive to purchase buf it you are handy with a sewing machine, they are easy to make yourself.

While we cannot help with the sewing side of things, we can supply the plastic pellets used to weight these products.  Machine washable and non-toxic, these LDPE plastic pellets are one of our most popular products among the crafty people out there.


Use of weighted blankets are a form of deep pressure stimulation which may help improve sleep, relieve pain, lessen anxiety and improve mood.  People with anxiety, sleep disorders, autism, ADHD may see some benefit when using weighted blankets.  We encourage anyone to seek medical advice in relation to their particular circumstances but weighted blankets are a low risk thing to try.  Realistically, they probably wont be a miracle cure for serious issues but people say they feel really nice to snuggle under so why not see if they work for you.

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There are lots of tutorials and videos out there but it is a simple process for an experienced sewer.

Some ideas to get you started:


Remember, there are lots of other options out there apart from blankets.  We have customers making weighted vests and arm bands for help with autistic and ADHD children, fidget bags for dementia patients or young children, juggling balls, bean bags for cornhole games, stuffed toys, and much much more.  Let your imagination run wild with crafty possibilities.


We always have plenty of plastic pellets in stock - available in quantities ranging from 500 grams up to 20 kg bag so you can get just the amount you need.

Plastic Pellets used for weighted blankets and other sewing crafts